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Debbie Sebastian - Danville, KY

Israel/Turkey/Scotland/Russia Specialist

One of the most rewarding and enriching parts of travel is the experience of a culture and their history that is not your own. Having visited all of these areas personally, I can provide you with the authentic cultural experience few people rarely get.

The holy land of Israel is one of the most culturally, historically, and spiritually rich places I have been to. Natural wonders such as the River of Jordan or the Dead Sea (I recommend a mud bath when you go) pair perfectly with the rich and remarkable history of the region. After that mud bath, climb your way to the top of the ancient fortress Masada for an impressive view of the Dead Sea. You could spend your entire time just exploring the ancient city of Jerusalem and its wonders such as Dome of the Rock or the Western Wall and barely scratch the surface of this magical destination. Regardless of your beliefs, the deep religious and spiritual history of this place will humble and captivate even the most experienced traveler.

Turkey, like Israel, is a land filled with both breathtaking natural beauty and a rich history and culture. Whether you prefer trekking across Turkey’s epic mountain ranges or relaxing on their Aegean beaches, I can make sure that no matter where you go you’ll be taking in the wonder of Turkey’s natural beauty. Once you’ve had your fill of the great outdoors, you can explore the city of Istanbul and soak in all the sights and sounds and smells. Breathe in the fragrance as you take a stroll through Istanbul’s famous spice markets or let the towering view of the Hagia Sophia and Istanbul’s elegant palaces capture your gaze as you explore the historic city. And of course, take some time to stop and have a cup of famous Turkish coffee as you chat with the friendly and charming locals.

Having recently just participated in Travel Leaders’ annual International Summit, held this year in Edinburgh, Scotland, I have plenty of first-hand accounts to offer on just how amazing the city and the country truly are. Let me help you explore the historic landmarks such as the luxurious Balmoral hotel (where we stayed for the summit!) and the Edinburgh Castle. Discover the charm of the local people as you relax in the tranquil fishing villages of Fife. Or take a boat out on the quiet waters of Loch Lemond and be one with your thoughts as you’re surrounded by a picturesque landscape. Whatever speaks to you most, I can guarantee that with my help you’ll fall in love with this charming region just like I did!

Russia might not be the first place that springs to mind when thinking about a vacation, but I can attest to the fact it has plenty to offer for the curious traveler. St. Petersburg is a prime example of the deep history and blossoming urban life that permeates throughout Russia. The iconic Church of the Savior on Blood looms over the city as a constant reminder of Russia’s rich history. But there’s more to Russia and St. Petersburg than just the historic landmarks-St. Petersburg has plenty of entertainment options to experience the culture-both traditional and new. Want to see a classic Russian ballet? A show at the grand Mikhailovsky Opera and Ballet Theater is a must for anyone visiting the city. Or if you prefer something a little more casual, the JFC Jazz Club has always been a favorite for both locals and travelers. You might be surprised by just how much you find there.

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